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PC Dust cleaning

All computers require regular cleaning to maximise life and minimise problems. This is rarely done, often never in businesses.

In an ideal world, you would turn over 1/3 of your desktop and laptop fleet every year and with proper business grade hardware having a three year warranty, if it dies, it gets replaced. Some people are lucky enough to live in this technology nirvana however the rest of us are not so fortunate. Small businesses often hold on to computer hardware for at least 5-6 years before it dies and they are forced to replace it.

If you want to get the most from your IT investment, why would you not look after it? You have your car serviced, your lawns mowed, your windows cleaned but not your computers (well not the insides anyway). Regular cleaning can greatly improve the life and performance of IT equipment. Due to their nature and a high level of static electricity, computers attract dust which collects inside the cases. Fans and heat sinks are very likely to collect dust. Dust buildup reduces airflow through the case and acts as a blanket for the sensitive electronic components. Hotter equipment will use more electricity as fans will run faster to try to keep components cool and the combination of heat and dust can and will cause premature failure of PC equipment.

The biggest issue with this is successfully cleaning computers in offices. Vaccuum cleaners cannot be used due to static discharge being more risky than the dust. The only really good way to clean computers out internally is with compressed air (proper compressed air from a compressor, not a little can of aerosol “air”). This should be done every 6-12 months to keep systems cool but needs to be a dust free solution in an office. It is not practical to carry every computer outside to clean them, especially from the 21st floor of an office building so I am currently developing a portable cleaning system that can properly clean computer internals onsite without releasing the dust back into the surrounding office. If you are doing this yourself, make sure you dont spin up fans with the compressed air. The high speed air flow can destroy fans in seconds from spinning too fast. They need to be prevented from spinning while being cleaned.

If I am coming to your home to help with your home PC or home theatre systems, let me know if you would like your PC cleaned at the same time at no extra charge.

Call me if this service is of interest on (+61) 0438534016 (Melbourne CBD and metro only, A/H or weekends if required, $15/Desktop PC, minimum 6 for dedicated visit)

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