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Our Mantra

I expect anyone that works for us as a small business IT consultant to be able to think independently and be empowered to make decisions when required. Therefore the following guidelines are the “Commander’s Intent” for all staff. Staff are expected to make decisions on the spot to get the job done rather than refer it back to someone else. As long as the decision is guided by our principles, we rather our staff make our clients happy first.

Our guiding principles:

  • Take the work seriously, not ourselves.
  • For us, our attitude is most important, for the client it is the experience.
  • Our job is not what we think it is, it is what the clients think it is.
  • Give our clients the freedom to walk away but no reason to do so.
  • Do good (or better).
  • The only unacceptable idea is the thought of none.
  • Make our clients our biggest fans.