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De-Branding a Nokia E72

I have nothing against my mobile company, Three mobile in Australia but I wish they would update their handsets occasionally. I have a Three branded Nokia E72-2 and even though there has been at least two major software updates from Nokia, there are none for mine (Three no longer even sell this handset but still sell the older slower E71 instead). Updates are tied to the model number found under the battery which identifies the telco and regional and language settings (Three Australia is 0591918). I do not want to have to buy a generic handset at full price so, if I want the latest software update to fix a few reliability and stability issues, I had to de-brand my phone.

A word of caution, this will not only void your warranty but, if you have a problem, may kill your beloved mobile (known as “Bricking”).

You need the following:

  • The Nemesis Service Suite
  • The latest Nokia Updater
  • A generic E72-2 model ID (Australian Generic 0586213 does not get the latest update either, I used the generic North American Code, 0573646 as the North American handsets are the same E72-2’s supporting HSDPA 850MHz)
  • A full backup of your phone.
  • A USB cable
  • Tissues for when you brick your phone

Plug in your phone (do not select “PC Suite”, turn off PC Suite as well) (do not unplug it or turn off your PC until everything has completed!) and run NSS. Scan for your handset.

Click “Phone Info”

Put phone “Power Mode” into “Local Mode” in NSS

Then “Scan”.

Click the “Read” button to populate the settings boxes, change the ID to what you want, tick the “Enable” box and click “Write” to write it to the device. It takes effect immediately.

Put the phone back into normal mode, close NSS and run Nokia Software Updater. The latest software is a 200MB download.
After it has applied. I recommend a hard reset to make sure you have cleaned out all the telco stuff.

Use your mobile with all its new features after putting all your settings back in.

Mine starts in 1/3 the time as it doesnt have to play the Three video and audio introduction.

Posted in: Hardware

2 responses to “De-Branding a Nokia E72”

  1. ezduzit says:

    You recommended in the last image to “change the ID to what you want”.

    What would you recommend it be changed to? A numerical sequence or letters? What would you suggest would cause less of an issue or does it not matter?

  2. benchapman says:

    The ID is country, location and frequency dependent. I used the US generic ID for the 850MHz compatible phones, the E72-2 and it works. There is no Australian generic code, all E72-2’s in Australia are branded to a carrier.